The more shoulders supporting the project polylog, the better it can be realised. Membership in polylog e.V. provides an ideal way to support the project. With membership, you also have an influence and voice in decisions regarding the shape it should take.


20 to 99 €

100 to 999 €

min. 1,000 €

Annual membership dues are intentionally kept low in order to make membership possible for all who are interested. The amount of the dues can be anywhere above the minimum of 20 €. Like donations, dues are tax deductible (in Germany). We gladly provide receipts. Dues can be paid by bank transfer to our linkbank account, by linkcredit card, by e-payment to our linkPayPal account, or a direct debit from a giro account (only Single Euro Payments Area – SEPA). A SEPA direct debit allows us to keep our administrative costs as low as possible.

If you would like to support us through your affiliation, we ask that you follow the link below. You will be redirected to the application form for joining. Please complete and submit this form. Your data will then be transmitted via a secure connection. Alternatively, you can also download the linkinfo sheet on membership and send or fax us the included application form.

We would be happy to have you as a new member.

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