One of the most important principles of polylog is that it be open to everyone, in the sense that our site be free to access. With this founding principle, we have no regular revenue at our disposal. In this context, perhaps you can agree with the following position: We make our work freely available, you provide a sum reflecting what the project is worth to you. So together we can assure its future.

Contributions of any amount are welcome; we are urgently dependent upon them. They are tax deductible (in Germany); polylog e.V. is recognized as non-profit on the basis of support for scholarly purposes. We gladly provide receipts for contributions. Please understand that we can make out tax receipts only for donations in the amount of 20 € or above, since otherwise administrative efforts would not be in reasonable proportion to the benefits received.

You can make your contribution through a transfer to our bank account, by credit card, by e-payment, or with a cheque to our business office. Become a linkmember of polylog e.V. if you would like to support us in the long run.

Donate by Bank Transfer

Please transfer the amount of your donation into our linkbank account with EthikBank. In case you need a donation receipt please communicate your address to us by emailemail.

Donate by Credit Card

We would be pleased to accept debit donations on credit cards from Mastercard and Visa. The transaction will be processed by the payment provider linkWorldPay to whose site you will be redirected. Please fill in the form at the following web page. Your data will be transmitted via a secure connection; cookies must be enabled. Your financial data will not be shared with us.

Credit Card Submit

Donate by E-Payment

You can make a donation by electronic payment. To that end, you need an account with the payment provider linkPayPal. Following the link below, you can open an account. For this, you must have enabled cookies in your browser. If you already hold an account with PayPal, please log into your account at the following web page. Please indicate your address in the comment field if you wish to receive a tax receipt. Your data will be transmitted via a secure connection. Alternatively, you can also send money directly from your PayPal account to our account

E-Payment Submit

Donate with a Cheque

Send your cheque to our linkoffice in Germany. Please make use of this method only in exceptional cases for major amounts (> 100 €) as it incurs high bank charges. Please indicate your address if you wish to receive a tax receipt.

If you experience any difficulty during the payment process, please communicate this immediately by emailemail to our linkoffice. We will try our best to find commonly a quick and easy solution.

We are deeply grateful for your support.

Any information transmitted to us will be kept strictly confidential and will only be stored for the purposes of processing donations. The information is not shared with any third party beyond those entrusted with completing the financial transaction.