The principal activity of the association is the publication of the freely accessible internet project linkpolylog: Forum for Intercultural Philosophy, with a philosophical emphasis and a strongly interdisciplinary orientation. The forum presents a topical discussion of the intercultural challenge of philosophy in scholarly and essayistic contributions; manifold information on intercultural philosophy is available in an event calendar and a collection of links. polylog appears in English, Spanish and German.

A linkNewsletter provides information about updates of our online journal. Furthermore, by subscribing to the mailing list linkInterPhil you will continously be informed about current events and activities from the field of intercultural philosophy.

Besides the edition of polylog, we organise, on a regular basis, international colloquia on intercultural philosophy and attend international conferences with own panels.


Our project relies on the international cooperation of institutions and people from different cultures. We conduct our activities on the basis of a world-wide network of collaborators, as well as in cooperation with distinguished representatives from the field of intercultural philosophy.

Particularly, we cooperate with the following institutions: