4th Intercultural Interdisciplinary Colloquium

From 10 to 11 January 2014, polylog was organising its 4th Intercultural Interdisciplinary Colloquium, in cooperation with the Forum Scientiarum at the University of Tübingen and the Society of Intercultural Philosophy. The topic of the colloquium is:

On Historicity of Cultural Identity/es

A culture neither is a homogenous entity nor does it seal itself and block influences from other cultures. On the contrary, cultural reality ever since has been coined by the exchange between different social groups and their respective cultural life forms. This holds true for intra- just as for intercultural dimensions. Therefore, cultures must not be differentiated by any kind of essential character. However, the notion of culture does not become meaningless either. Cultures do not dissolve and merge into a transcultural society in which all different cultural life forms would mix at will.

One important reason for the consistency of cultures despite their heterogeneity and their continuous alteration may be found in their historicity. Alteration due to intra-cultural changes or intercultural exchange does not contradict historical continuity but, on the contrary, is part of the history of any culture. Any life form of any social group is influenced by its own history at least to some extend; the historical dimension, therefore, cannot easily be ignored. Traditions may be critically reflected or even defied, but by doing so cultural history still is perpetuated. Also, while life forms from different cultures often can easily be adopted, their particular history usually cannot. It may be described or even explained but it does not become one's own history thereby.

It is the historicity of cultural life forms which resists adoption and the dissolution of cultural differences in a global society. Coming from these considerations, discussions at the colloquium should centre on the following topics:

  • Concepts of identity
  • The notion of culture
  • The notion of history
  • Historicity of identities
  • Historicity of cultures
  • Intercultural concepts
  • Transcultural concepts
  • Breaks of identity
  • Postcolonial identities
  • Identity and otherness

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